About Us

KÎSIK as a Member

KÎSIK is proud to be a member of the following associations:The Vancouver Board of Trade http://www.boardoftrade.com
The British Columbia Aviation Council http://www.bcaviationcouncil.org/

KÎSIK Environmental Initiatives

At KÎSIK we have first-hand experience of Canada's natural beauty and we pride ourselves in helping to preserve it.  With the help from our friends at Climate Smart, we have committed to a plan of reducing our carbon footprint through developing greenhouse emission reduction strategies and implementing initiatives to lessen our environmental impact.

Meet the KÎSIK Team

At KÎSIK our people are our single greatest strength. Guided by our shared team values the KÎSIK team is comprised of a unique blend of professional backgrounds in Aviation, Geomatics, Cartography, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Safety Management. Together we deliver a highly reliable service that leverages the experience from our diverse team to keep producing a high quality product.